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4 Steps to get through a difficult time

Many of you know that I am no stranger to hardships. Not to be cocky but, I feel like I am an expert when it comes this. I have been through so much and I am still here! I am going to share what helped me get through some of my hardest moments. Are you ready?

  1. CRY: Yes thats right baby you are gonna cry! lol lets just be real no one is too tough that they will not cry. Go ahead and get it over with. Grief is normal no matter the situation. Do not ever allow someone to tell you that you cannot cry. The only thing I will say is that you cannot stay here. Remember its a hardship and not a hard life. We are on a journey and we have to keep moving. Allow yourself to process your emotions and cry but then we have to put our big girl pants on even with tears still in our eyes.

  2. Pray: This is important. After you pull those big girl pants up, get on your knees and pray sis! This will provide guidance and direction for how you will move forward. There is no specific script to prayer just pour your heart out God! Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  3. Get a real support system: The people you surround yourself with during this time is critical. This support needs to help you and not hurt you. Your feelings are valid and they need to encourage you during this time. And they need to be people that will bombard heaven with prayers for you! Sometimes you will literally not be able to utter a word due to shock and they will need to be able to get those prayers through for you!

  4. Get in the Word: I know I know you might not like this one and trust me it was one that I avoided the most but sis, this will one will change your life! I feel like I have been told my whole life to read the bible but I felt like -- how could this book really help me right now!? It helps more than a little bit. I would suggest starting with Job, Lamentations, and Ecclesiastes. These books specifically cover suffering and will help you gain clarity on God's character. Then you should read The Gospel which are the following books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These books cover all there is to know about Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us all! Whew, please just go read! Also keep in mind there is no right or wrong place to start in the Bible. You can start where ever you would like but this is what has helped me understand suffering and know more about Jesus and His sacrifice.

I think all in all we have to GROW through what we go through! Yes, its uncomfortable and does not feel good but that is a part of growing. We are not immune to suffering and that is just the bottom line. We are gonna go through some tough situations but we have to persevere to come out better. It is my only hope that we also come out of these difficult situations with our hearts turned towards God. He loves us so much and desires a relationship with each and every one of us. He is our provider, healer, restores, way-maker and all the above. Allow Him into your heart.

xo Shay

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