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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Well, this is the first post Shay blog that I am writing. I was really unsure if I wanted to do this or if I could do this, but I promised Shay that I would continue her legacy therefore, my promise to her is greater than any fear or pride I have. It's been three months since Shay passed and a lot has happened. I have been on a emotional rollercoaster, but I am still hanging in there. Obviously, some days are harder than others. I just marble in the fact I gave birth to and raised this incredible person. Shay was more that just my daughter, she was my best friend, motivator, cheerleader, venting partner, and so much more. I was a clueless seventeen year old mom when I had her. Shay turned my life around and gave me purpose. I wanted more for Shay than that the statistics stated that a teenager mom could give her. We grew up together and we supported each other. I got a college degree for her and she got a college degree for me. Statistics told me that a teen mom was less likely to graduate from college and statistics told her that a person will chronic illnesses are less likely to graduate from college. I did, she did it, we did it! Shay met and exceeded every expectation placed before her. The biggest lessons I learned in life came from my daughter. I hope that she influenced others as she has done so for me, even people that have never experienced Shay. I say experienced because there was no way you could meet or know her and not be left feeling empowered. Whether, it was through her smile masking the pain, her opening up to share her life, encouraging other in the mid of her own storms, or speaking on how good God was to her during her hardest times.

Recently, I was able to pull off the first Shay Day. Shay Day was to honor her birthday with an event that would unite and bring people together to have fun, laugh, dance, and remember Shay. Shay Day was a wonderful event and it turned out great. I am so thankful for the people that help make it a great success from the attendees to the people that gave of their time and resources. I am hoping to make this an annual event. The other things I have been working on are the legacy projects; the website and her nonprofit PROOF. I have added new products to the website to help fund her nonprofit. The website is not for personal gain, but is tool to help continue PROOF in the capacity that Shay had envisioned it to be. I do appreciate the support and I hope that it will continue in the future. I have some grand plans for PROOF and I will be sharing more in the future. Right now, I need your support to keep the dream alive. Please support by purchasing merchandise from the website or by donating via cash app to $Shayisproof

My greatest fears are not being able to continue her legacy and people forgetting about Shay. I have taken this legacy on my back and I will continue to do so until my last breath. I know it may sound weird but the continuing Shay's legacy is the hardest thing that I have done. It was easy to remain calm and control my emotions when she was here looking at me, but now that she is gone I feel like I have lost my strength. I am scared because I have her legacy is uphold and I cannot mess it up. Truth is, I needed her more than she needed me. I know that I have talked a lot about legacy, but for me Shay and legacy are synonymous to me. The legacy of individual is define by the mark that the person leaves on the world and the richness of the person's life. Shay's life was rich and blessed which extended well beyond her twenty four years of life that she was granted. I thank everyone for your support during Shay's sickness, passing, and now her legacy projects. I want to leave you with this thought. What will your legacy be?

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