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Health updates

I anticipate that my supporters would like to updated on my health from time to time. I am okay with providing updates with you all as they come. I will post all updates through my blog and social media. Please allow time for me to process these changes in my health before I make them public. My only wish is that you all do not communicate false information regarding my health.

As of Wednesday February 3rd, 2021, my transplant teams will be able to receive and accept offers for both organs. This is a big day! I am excited because this means that from Wednesday and beyond I can potentially be getting my transplants. I do not know and do not have any expectations as to how soon it will take. I am just excited that the possibility of it happening is coming to pass! Praise God!!!!

Receiving news about finding a match for both organs is unpredictable so at a moments notice, I can be notified and prepped for surgery. I will get my mom to provide updates after I have received the transplant surgeries.

I will be documenting my recovery process through my YouTube channel, Shay Clark Official . I will be doing vlogs (video blogs) of what life looks after transplant.

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