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I'm graduating... whats next?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

After overcoming so many obstacles, I am so close to walking across the stage. Though it should be one of the most proud moments of my life I can not help but to be scared and anxious because I am not sure what is to come.

Wow. I cannot believe that is the title to this blog post! In just two days I will be a graduate of North Carolina Central University.  My bachelor's degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Reality has not set in yet but I am so incredibly happy right now. By no means was this journey easy at all. I am so incredibly blessed to see the finish line. 

This semester in itself was harder then I could have imagined. For quite some time now, my life has been in limbo considering I have filed for disability. It would be difficult for me to get and keep a job with my condition. Despite the numerous appeals, I am still declared an able bodied individual. This puts me in a situation where I am unemployed and basically without money.  Its uncomfortable because I have acquired bills in adulthood and I'm not sure how they will get paid with little to no income. 

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