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Moving on with life

Ya'll I started this blog so I could be completely transparent so umm....I hope this is a safe space to discuss something that is sensitive to me.

So up until about last year, I have had a hard time accepting my life as it is now. By that I mean it was difficult to accept that I have a chronic illness and I have to let go of the idea I had in my head about my life. If it was up to me, I would live far away from where I live now. I would be in medical school striving to become a Pediatrician. Living my life on my terms, doing what I wanted.

As I look back on that idea, I realize that was not the plan God had for me. It's necessary for me to be where I am in this moment. Strengthening my relationships with my family and friends, developing a relationship with Jesus , pouring into the children I work with in my career.

None of the things listed above would be possible with having my transplant first. It was necessary for things to happen as they did, in a specific.

Sis, none of us could have imagined a pandemic would come and completely redirect our lives. That thing that you feel was sent to destroy you or break you was only sent to redirect your path. It will not break because it necessary in order for you to grow into the woman God planned for you to become all along.

Be encouraged sis. Trust in Jesus. Relinquish that control and surrender those problems!

xo Shay

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