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No insurance!?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I discuss my worries and fears about turning twenty-one and knowing I would be released from medicaid coverage.

Yeah, I'm sure you're wondering how that's possible right? Well let me explain exactly what is going on.... Prior to my transplant, I had health insurance through my mom's job. Once I was hospitalized I was switched to Medicaid because at the time we qualified for it and it would cause less financial strain with all of the unexpected changes happening in our lives at the time. My mom researched everything there was to know about Medicaid so that we could be informed about how this process works. My Medicaid coverage would only last until the age of twenty-one. At the time of my transplant I was seventeen so I never made a mental note that one day I would need health coverage again! My mom began to prepare me for this process at nineteen because the sooner we figured out a plan the less stressful it would be (or so we thought). So now we are here now less than 20 days away from my twenty-first birthday still trying to figure out the best plan for me. There are several options to choose from but we must consider the following; I have been prescribed anti-rejection medicine for the rest of my life, I take FOURTY pills in total per day, and I am required to get blood work done at least twice a month to make sure these medication are working properly. I could leave the current hospital and become a patient at a smaller hospital to enroll in a program would only over my prescriptions and not my other health necessities. This option would not be the smartest decision because I have built relationship with the transplant team at the current hospital  where I receive treatment and it is not a guarantee that I won't break my leg and need medical coverage, ya know? I could also apply for disability benefits and automatically receive medicaid but due to my current state of health I am not declared disabled in order to qualify for either of these programs. I also cannot apply for adult Medicaid because I am not blind, a senior citizen, nor pregnant. This causes me to have so many mixed emotions because I am happy that I am not disabled and my health has improved but the bottom line is that I still suffer complications due to my heart transplant and that will never change! The last option would be for my mom to add me to her job's insurance but then that leaves us to pay medical bills which is a costly option to consider! My insurance coverage is set end towards the end of July.Thankfully I was able to get my annual heart cath (biopsy) moved up to this month. We are still weighing options as well as searching for new ones. Please feel free to join us in prayer that the right decision is made and I can still receive the necessary care I need!

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