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Sanity vs Safety

Let's just be honest here.. quarantine sucks. It sucks even more when your immune system is compromised.

Due to my immune system, its much safer for me to be in quarantine rather than being out and about. I feel like its taking a toll on my sanity!! I stayed home a lot before the pandemic because I'm actually a homebody but now that staying home is more of a requirement and not a choice; I absolutely despise it. I'm like a kid on punishment, I wanna be outside! But I know its not safe.

It's not safe for various reasons. It seems like the number of cases are not decreasing as rapidly as I want them to. I know that this is all a process and over time things will become somewhat normal. This sense of normalcy seems so far away. COVID is not being taken seriously by some. So many lives have been lost due to this terrible virus and I absolutely refuse to put myself at risk.

How am I able to to stay sane and not lose my mind during this whole thing? I know it's easier to do for those without a compromised immune system but how is this feasible for those of us that are higher risk?

I have a job, a hobby (blogging) but what else? I remain in contact with family and close friends. Those things take a lot of my time but I do all of those things at home. I want to travel, go to restaurants, do fun activities.

The only solution I have is to solely focus on bettering my self. Bettering myself includes cleaning up my diet, maintaining a consistent relationship with God, pushing myself to work out. I'm committing myself to doing that until the end of 2020. I'm praying major positive changes are coming for us all in 2021.

xo Shay

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