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Hi Everyone!

I'm Shay Clark


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Official Bio

Lifestyle Blogger. Influencer. Survivor Speaker 

Shay Clark was a  young lady who always  turned her lemons into lemonade. She was a heart transplant recipient as well as a two-time stroke survivor. She decided to start blogging about 3 years ago because she wanted to be transparent with her life and share lifestyle content. She always wanted to use her story as a testimony of restoration, faith and healing in hopes that someone can, too have the same virtues in life.

About me

Training & Development

After seven years, heart transplant recipient Shay Clark is in need of a second heart transplant and first kidney transplant. Upon receiving this overwhelming news, she has been encouraged by her transplant team to fundraise for medical expenses for both now and after transplant. We want to bring awareness to Shay's situation to rally enough support for her. She has been the most resilient person through all of life's obstacles. She has managed to graduate both high school and college post transplant while also starting a non-profit of her own. Shay is only twenty-four years old and still has a lot of life to live. Please consider supporting the Pray for Shay campaign to help cover medical expenses.


Shay Clark is available as a virtual keynote speaker and panelist.

The topics include:

"Surviving Heart Failure": Experiences as a Heart Transplant Recipient 

"The importance of Organ Donation": The impact  of receiving a life-saving organ

"College and Chronic Illness": Juggling life as a college student and chronically ill individual

"A Testimony of Faith": Exercising faith while facing uncertainty


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